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Scholarship Information

There are many Scholarship and Grant opportunities for RUHS students!  

A scholarship or a grant, is financial support awarded to a student based on academic achievement or other criteria that may include financial need, for the purpose of continued schooling.

There are many types of scholarships – the most common being merit-based and need-based.   It is money that does not have to be paid back, the more you apply to the better your chances are to receive help towards the cost of your continued education.  

Community Foundation of Southern Wisconsin Scholarships


Wisconsin  Scholarships

Wisconsin Scholarships

DPI Scholarship Info

Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

college scholarships

College Scholarships

Scholarship opportunities are open to all of school district of Janesville students.  The following list of scholarships contain eligibility requirements and applications for the specific scholarship. Most applications below have a student submission deadline of March 1st to be eligible for Fall funding.


Purpose: The Rock County Genealogical Society (RCGS) has established a scholarship fund to provide educational opportunities for a Rock County High School graduate, who is furthering their education at any Wisconsin two (2) or four (4) year college/university.

AMOUNT: A scholarship of up to $500 is granted for one year.

1. Applicant must be a Rock County resident and a high school senior or recent graduate.
2. Applicant must have enrolled, for 2023 fall classes, in any WI two or four year college.
3. Multiple students from the same family may apply concurrently for the scholarship.


Step 1: Complete the formal RCGS application for scholarship (pages 2 & 3).
Your application must also include the following:

  • A transcript to document that the applicant is in school, or a certificate of graduation if graduation occurred in December.
  • Two letters of recommendation from non-family members who are familiar with the applicant’s achievements.
  • A short essay on one of your family’s historical events or individuals. How did your family event or individual impact your life today?
  • Complete to the best of your ability, the Family Tree 4-Generation Pedigree chart (See page 3 of 3). Ask your family members for assistance and fill in as much as you can. Use First, Middle and Last or Maiden name(s). (NOTE: this chart will be shared with
  • and/or provided to the RCGS Library.)
  • List any community service you have provided, during your high school years. [A chart works best.]

Step 2: All paper work must be submitted or postmarked, no later than March 31, 2022,

Attention: Scholarship Chairperson
Mailing Address: PO Box 936, Janesville, WI 53547-0936
Chair’s Phone: 608-751-4059 (Office is closed due to Covid-19)

DEADLINE: Wednesday March 31, 2022.

SELECTION: The RCGS Committee will review the student’s application, transcript, recommendations, personal essay, community service and family chart. The Committee will make a recommendation to the RCGS Board of Directors. The RCGS board will make the final selection. The Scholarship Award check will be forwarded to the winner’s school account once RCGS receives proof of enrollment.

Thank you for your interest, and our very best wishes for success in your future endeavors.

RCGS Phone: 608-618-3775 [State your name, then leave a message. We will call you back.]
RCGS Email: