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Student Testimonials

RUHS prepares you for college better than other schools. You have to learn to keep up in your classes and be organized. They give you a lot of freedom and responsibility. That can sound scary but they give you a lot of support. The teachers and counselors have plenty of resources. They genuinely care. Every student is their top priority and they are here to help you anytime you need it. (Senior, Class of 2019)

I think RUHS has helped me not only grow academically, but personally as well. Our school gives students a chance to grow and learn in ways that other schools can't offer. Our school teaches a lot of life skills for the workforce and other areas os students' lives such as time management, effective communication, and responsibility. (Senior, Class of 2019)

Open campus and block schedules make the school day seem less long. RUHS prepares you for college, and grades are assignment based rather than test based. Some classes are worth one credit per semester! My advice is to enroll in RUHS. (Senior, Class of 2019)

RUHS is a great school that has great classes and of course great staff. Everyone at RUHS is super loving and caring. They are kind of like a family in a way. RUHS is a really great high school and I enjoyed every single year I spent here. (Senior, Class of 2019)

They (the staff) will do everything in their power to make you go above and beyond. This school is full of potential, the more you put into it the more you will get out. (Senior, Class of 2019)

Great school with a lot of resources. The school offers many opportunities that normal high schools can not offer. This school has an international theme as well as research driven. I recommend this for students looking to expand their research skills, and those who love different cultures. The school is able to challenge every student on a more one to one basis between student and teacher. The schedule is also unique and help prepare students for a university setting. (RUHS graduate, Class of 2015)