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Meet Our Dean

Dean of Students Angie Kerr

The students and staff here at Rock University High School are tremendously excited to be in our fourth year serving the Janesville community. We are also excited to be in our new facilities on the campus of Blackhawk Technical College.

Rock University High School prepares students in grades 10-12 for higher learning through the integration of humanities, social sciences, languages, science, math, and technology. We offer individually-tailored learning plans and flexible schedules so students have an educational choice to achieve academic and personal excellence. The curricula here at Rock University High School is earmarked for advanced and forward-thinking students in grades 10-12 who are seeking opportunities for independent learning beyond the offerings of traditional high school programs. Our goal is for our students to become critical thinkers and to develop excellent skills in communication, patience, and tolerance.

Rock University High School is a high-performing community school that provides our students with exemplary teaching and learning experiences which are robust, challenging, differentiated, meaningful, and memorable and take place in a safe and orderly environment. We embrace the challenges of the future while continuing to celebrate the traditions of the past. Our exceptional staff, committed students, and involved families combine to make Rock University High School a tremendous and unique setting for learning.

Here at Rock University High School, the small number of students makes it possible to foster wonderful interaction between students and teachers, since families look for a place where their children will be nurtured and challenged rather than getting lost in the crowd. Our families appreciate the way our teachers encourage and exhort their students. Not only do the students participate in the classroom, but they are challenged to grow intellectually through our philosophy of the “Four A’s”--Academics, Activities, Attitude, and Attendance. We recognize that each student brings to school a unique set of gifts to share.

As the demands and complexities of teaching students increases, we need to work together to insure that our children reach their full potential. We believe that all of us--school, family, and community--must work together to insure success for all our students.


Angela Kerr, Dean of Students