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High School Done Differently

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About Us

Rock University High School was founded in 2014. We are a tuition free public charter school located on the Blackhawk Technical College Campus. Any high school age student in Wisconsin is welcome to attend, regardless of district of residency. With our engaging and personalized approach, students understand why their learning matters because the materials they are exploring are relevant to their lives and the world around them.


Our Mission

The mission at Rock University High School is to inspire and empower all students to reach their full potential by providing them a college preparatory learning experience. 

Our Vision

Rock University High School (RUHS) provides a small, student-centered school that empowers students to move from consumers of information to creators of their own learning. RUHS is a place where creativity, innovation and flexibility are rewarded, mistakes are viewed as opportunities, and learning is ongoing. RUHS prepares all students with the skills, knowledge and dispositions needed to be successful in college, meaningful careers, and life.

Ms. Jensen's Classroom


Why Should You Choose Rock University High School

Rock University High School (RUHS) prepares future leaders in grades 9-12 with the skills and knowledge needed to graduate career and college ready. RUHS offers challenging academics, personalization, real-world applications, and service. Students gain confidence, recognize their potential and passion, and develop a deeper understanding and respect for one another locally and globally. Our graduates are inspired and empowered to engage in the future they will create. RUHS is now accepting applications for grades 9-12.