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Things to Know about Rock University High School


Our Program

Rock University High School's core program is based on collaborative learning through inquiry, design, case studies, group projects and individual work. Students work closely with faculty and team members to expand their knowledge of global issues, and present their findings via proposals, projects and research studies. Upon completing required program credits, students will receive a Rock University High School diploma. In addition, graduating seniors who have successfully completed the required courses focused on global competencies may apply for the Wisconsin Global Education Achievement Certificate.

Our Students

The program at Rock University High School is designed for advanced and forward thinking high school sophomores, juniors and seniors who are looking for independent learning opportunities beyond the traditional high school offerings. Much like our blended curriculum, our students come from a variety of backgrounds with one common goal: to maximize his or her own potential. For students who are seeking a fun, attainable and outside-the-box kind of educational experience, Rock University High School is the school for you!