Personalization is the hallmark of RUHS. The interests, perspectives, and prior experience of each student define their educational path. Located on the University of Wisconsin - Rock County campus and meaningfully connected to a wide variety of community and business resources, RUHS students have unique opportunities to participate in real-world learning.

Working independently and with faculty mentors and peers, students blend coursework with firsthand experience to achieve personal and professional success. Faculty mentors guide students through a project- and problem-based curriculum that encourages students to view issues from multiple perspectives, ask tough questions and thoughtfully arrive at solutions. Learning follows a natural, authentic path of inquiry.

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The Tuesday, May 9, 2017 edition of The Janesville Gazette contained a feature story about Rock University High School.

"[Tom] Murphy is an ordinary kid who found his niche at Rock University High School. The high school . . . designed for students interested in global studies and foreign languages.  

In 2014, the program evolved into a charter school for sophomores, juniors and seniors. This year, it moved to Blackhawk Technical College, where it has been warmly embraced by the college's administration. The atmosphere is more like college, and students must be able to work independently.

During their senior year, students do a capstone project, which designed to showcase their knowledge on a particular topic using the interdisciplinary approach. The complexity of the curriculum attracted Murphy." 



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