Rock University High School has made a pledge to our students and their families that we will make their experience here both meaningful and engaging. Our staff of highly-qualified educators and support personnel are committed to providing our students with many opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. We realize the students’ experiences here at Rock University High School will have a lasting impression on their growth and development, and it is our goal to have our students look back on their time with us as a positive and enriching time in their lives. With that in mind, we will continue to review and develop the educational program so that it continues to raise the bar for our students by academically challenging and engaging each student by linking what they are learning in school to knowledge and experiences that matter most to them. 


At Rock University High School, we focus on customizing individual student plans for each student, meeting each of their personal goals, interests and abilities. Our blended learning program allows students to look at real world issues with a global perspective by formulating theories and conclusions taken from his or her own interests, views, and prior experiences. Students work independently and collaboratively with teachers, mentors and peers to broaden their own understanding of the world and communicate their knowledge of his or her place within it.


Rock University High School's core program is based on collaborative learning through inquiry, design, case studies, group projects and individual work. Students work closely with faculty and team members to expand their knowledge of global issues, and present their findings via proposals, projects and research studies. Upon completing required program credits, students will receive a Rock University High School diploma. In addition, graduating seniors who have successfully completed the required courses focused on global competencies may apply for the Wisconsin Global Education Achievement Certificate.


The program at Rock University High School is designed for advanced and forward thinking high school sophomores, juniors and seniors who are looking for independent learning opportunities beyond the traditional high school offerings. Much like our blended curriculum, our students come from a variety of backgrounds with one common goal: to maximize his or her own potential. For students who are seeking a fun, attainable and outside-the-box kind of educational experience, Rock University High School is the school for you!


Our students not only receive top-notch classroom instruction, but participate in numerous extracurricular activities such as math and science competitions, National History Day, Great World Text, and the Critical Issues Forum. 

National History Day, an academic competition for students in grades 4-12, has a goal of having students develop thinking, research, and communication skills through the study of history. Nationwide, over half a million students participate by completing entries in contests at the school, regional, and state levels, and then, ultimately, to the National Contest.

Great World Text provides students and teachers with the opportunity to examine and discuss classics in literature. Over 1000 Wisconsin students from over a dozen schools participate, coming together at the Annual Student Conference to share and discuss their work and hear from exciting speakers. Heather Du Boise Bourenane, spokeswoman for the Great World Texts program says, “Putting students in conversation with great world literature and with each other is one of the most important things we can do. The benefits of that are both immediate and long lasting.”

We are especially proud of our students who will be participating in the Critical Issues Forum.  Sponsored by the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies in Monterey, California, students from the United States, Russia, and Japan study and tackle such issues as nonproliferation, disarmament, and international peace. This year, a group of eight of our students were chosen to participate, with two selected as ambassadors of their group to attend the forum in Nagasaki, Japan. These students from Rock University High School are part of an elite group of students chosen from just five high schools nationwide.

Rock University High School is also excited to offer our students the opportunity to earn the Wisconsin Global Education Achievement Certificate. The Global Scholar Certificate and Transcript Endorsements shall be awarded to students who have demonstrated a dedication to global education by successfully fulfilling the recommended criteria in the areas of academic course work, school-sponsored activities, cultural literacy and community service.

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The Tuesday, May 9, 2017 edition of The Janesville Gazette contained a feature story about Rock University High School.

"[Tom] Murphy is an ordinary kid who found his niche at Rock University High School. The high school . . . designed for students interested in global studies and foreign languages.  

In 2014, the program evolved into a charter school for sophomores, juniors and seniors. This year, it moved to Blackhawk Technical College, where it has been warmly embraced by the college's administration. The atmosphere is more like college, and students must be able to work independently.

During their senior year, students do a capstone project, which designed to showcase their knowledge on a particular topic using the interdisciplinary approach. The complexity of the curriculum attracted Murphy." 

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